Are you looking for 2011 champions league final tickets for sale?

The Champions League final is the highlight of the European football calendar, coming as it does at the end of the season. Also known as the European cup final or the UEFA cup final, this year it is being held at the new Wembley Stadium for the first time and is between Barcelona FC and Manchester United.

Tickets are still available but are in short supply. Many have been snapped up by season ticket holders and others have been bought by corporations and individuals keen to see what is bound to be a fantastic match. 2011 Champions League Final tickets for sale are changing hands fast and have a hefty price tag. Tickets start at £1500 and can cost up to £5500 for premium seats and match extras such as hospitality meals, drinks before and after the match and other benefits such as stadium parking.If you are keen to buy tickets and watch the live action at this amazing sporting venue, visit either the UEFA or championship websites to buy tickets direct, or one of the football or sports ticketing agencies such as worldticketshop.com, soldouteventtickets.com or goldenboot.me.uk. You could also try ebay but be aware that the price is likely to shoot up due to the nature of it being an auction. Companies selling packages such as lastminute.com may also have some deals although again it could get pricey so make sure you know exactly what you get for your money.

Both these teams are a force to be reckoned with so the match is bound to be a good one. If you are a fan of either side or simply want a good sporting day out, this could be money well spent.

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