Anyone can win it

Fernando Alonso won the Korean Grand Prix yesterday in a dramatic rain-soaked race, one which saw him grab the top spot in the driver’s championship with only two races to go.

Both Red Bull drivers failed to finish the race, with former leader Mark Webber crashing out on turn 12 early in the race and Sebastian Vettel retiring from the lead when his engine failed at the end of lap 46, which means Alonso is now 11 points clear of Webber and 21 away from Lewis Hamilton. However the Spaniard is being cautious about his chances of winning the Formula 1 title.

‘There are four or five contenders still,’ he said. ‘As we repeat many times, the key is consistency. We know that with the new points system anything can happen in one race. If you don't score, you lose 25 points to one of your main opponents. Here it was bad luck for Mark and Sebastian. Anything can happen in the next two races, there are four or five contenders still, so as we repeat many times, consistently being on the podium is the key to win the championship.

‘We've been doing well - very concentrated, very focused in the last six or seven races, but in the last two races we cannot forget we need to be on the podium and fighting for the victory.’

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