Anti-doping shake-up

With the 2012 Olympics turning an intense spotlight on British sport, UK Sport – the nation’s funding agency for our Olympic athletes – is to totally overhaul its anti-drugs in sport procedures. Tougher measures will lead to fewer cheats, presumably.

Great news, then, for athletes who train in countries that have no anti-doping measures whatsoever. The gap between their enhanced performance and our athletes’ drug-free efforts is bound to get bigger.

No one wants drugs in sport but, until a standard level of testing is imposed on all athletes, surely some will seek to gain undetectable advantage.

NB: For anyone thinking of taking performance-enhancing drugs, beware. Apparently, women grow stubble, their waists and bums balloon to size 16 proportions, they become extremely aggressive and their breath smells. And men’s winkles shrivel up and eventually drop off.

(Image: from Michael L’s flickr stream)

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