Another duck broken

While most of the football world have been wetting their pants with glee at Fernando Torres’ goal-scoring drought, another costly signing had been stinking up the place – Edin Dzeko. And just as Torres broke his Chelsea duck at the weekend, so did Dzeko last night.

The Bosnian was signed by Manchester City from Wolfsburg in January for a whopping £27million, and hadn’t even looked like scoring since then. However last night he broke his nine-game Premier League duck by scoring the only goal at Blackburn last night, tightening City’s grip on the fourth Champions League spot in the process.

‘It's football, Torres scored a lot of goals at Liverpool and changed club, I'm happy for him too because I know what the pressure is,’ said Dzeko after the game. ‘Now we have to look at the future - today was very good, it is a new beginning for me and for City.

‘I'm very happy that this goal helped my team to win the game. Sometimes it's difficult, I'm not the first who didn't make the best start but I'm happy because I scored today and helped the team.’

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