Another blow for Rupert

like everyone else, we are currently having great fun watching Rupert Murdoch, his scion and acolytes being torn a new one over the phone hacking scandal. Not only has he had to dump the News of the World, he's also had to reveal/lie (delete as applicable) that he had no idea that huge amount so criminality were endemic at one of his most important papers, and that he really didn't have any control over what was going on. How amusing.

But there's been yet another blow to his massive media empire: News International's British titles are set to lose exclusive access to Britain's Olympic athletes ahead of the 2012 London Olympics, which will be a massive result to their rivals. Oh well, what a shame that is. NI's papers – The Times, The Sun and The Sunday Times – were due to use the slogan 'Official Newspaper of Team 2012', but now the team are looking for new media partners.

'As a result of the closure of News of the World the contract can no longer be fulfilled as originally envisaged,' Team 2012 said. So who's going to step into the breach? We're betting it won't be the broadsheets, and will most likely be another sleazy tabloid.

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