Angola: a done deal

Despite the terrible events that led up to African Cup of Nations, the tournament itself got off to a flying start, with an incredible 4-4 draw between host nation Angola and Mali - who boast Sevilla striker Freddie Kanoute up front - in which Mali came back from four goals down with 11 minutes to go to draw, including two goals in injury time.

The game was a great advert for the African game, but there’s one poor sap who isn’t thrilled at the result. The mug punter, who goes only by the name of John and posts regularly on the Football Manager web forum FM-View, staked £4,400 on his Betfair account on Angola to win with 78 minutes gone for a measly profit of £44, and lost. Take a look at his account balance.

‘I have a problem,’ he said. ‘I can't help it, 4-0 up in the 78th minute offering 1.01 (1% profit for 12 minutes work, in non-betting talk). ****ing bent africans cost me my place at uni.’ Hohohohoho, unlucky, you daft racist.

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