Andy Murray's fiancée Kim Sears caught swearing at Australian Open Semi-Final

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While Andy Murray is certainly no stranger to foul mouthed tirades, tennis fans were a little more taken aback today when Murray's fiancee Kim Sears had a little potty mouthed, swearing vent of her own. The incident happened during Murray's Australian Open semi-final victory over Tomas Berdych.

Murray's girl was caught on camera celebrating her partner breaking serve in the tight first set. One interpretation of Sear's outburst goes "f***ing have that you Czech flash f**k" in reference to Czech player Berdych and his team.

The match was played out in a noticeably tense environment where both players expressed quite a bit of colourful language themselves. When asked about Sears' outburst, Murray was quick to add a caveat to her language as he explained "In the heat of the moment you can say stuff that you regret."

Referencing the tense match that he had just been involved in, Murray said "When there's a lot of tension surrounding something, which you created, it's completely normal that in the whole first set everyone was tight." He noticed that his usually cool opponent was also affected saying "Even Tomas, who very rarely says anything on the court, there was tension there for him as well."

Former tennis star Anne Keothavong tweeted about her appreciation of Sears' noticeable passion saying "Forget how big the diamond is; THIS is what true love is made of. #ausopen https://vine.co/v/OtuFF507lvP ” f****** hilarious!". Murray also took the opportunity at the end of the match to get back at naysayers saying "Women can be very good coaches as well" after coming in for a lot of criticism over hiring Amélie Mauresmo as his new coach.

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