Andy Murray through to fourth round of US Open

Andy Murray has cruised into the fourth round of the US Open after swatting aside ladies' man Feliciano Lopez in straight sets.

The Scot played some powerful tennis against the Spaniard – who fancies himself a little bit too much, if you ask us – but was clearly leaving something in reserve for when he has to play more more challenging matches. His average first serve speed was 107mph, a touch down on his blistering best, as he knew well enough that he could easily outplay his opponent; now he will face the American Donald Young, a wildcard entrant ranked 84th in the world.

'I played some good tennis towards the end of the first match, the second match was poor,' said Murray, reflecting on his performance in the tournament so far. 'I didn't think it was great but I found a way to get through - and tonight was good.

'But so much can change in a couple of days and you just need to make sure you stay focused on the next match. It's a big match for me because of what happened earlier in the year but energy-wise, I'll be feeing good going into that one for hopefully a long second week.'

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