Andy Murray prepares to face Donald Young at the US Open

Andy Murray will be out looking for revenge in the early hours of tomorrow morning, taking on Donald Young, the young American who humiliated him at Indian Wells this year. Young stands between Murray and the quarter-finals of the US Open, and the Scot is in no mood to let himself be made a fool of again.

Young is a player who has long been feted as having the potential to become one of the greats. He is 22-years-old now and only just starting to fulfil his potential, after being thrown into senior tournaments as a teenager. For his part Murray thinks he has been over-exposed at too young an age, and that it's been damaging to his development. You suspect that he's hoping that he doesn't flower again tonight.

'If you think it's good for someone to be playing senior events when they're 15 or 16 years old, wrong,' he said. 'The game now – and I guess when he was that age – has become really physical. If you're (getting into) tournaments by taking wild cards left, right and centre rather than by right, that's the wrong way to go about it.

'He's got a good game (but) it's taken him a lot longer than a lot of people would have expected as well. He's always had good pedigree. He was one of the best juniors in the world at his age. I don't think it's that impressive because he should be where he is now.

'I went over to Spain when I was 15. When you move away from your family at that age to a different country and you don't know anyone, you have to toughen up. That was when I realised: it's your decision, you're going to be a tennis player. I was practising with guys who were much older and bigger than me.'

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