Andy Murray lands Davis Cup teammate in hot water with second girlfriend remark

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Andy Murray has dumped a teammate in a whole world of trouble after remarking that Dominic Inglot has a second girlfriend during a live TV interview. Inglot has since taken to Twitter to deny that he has a bit on the side and said that Murray was just engaging in a spot of banter.

Team Great Britain had just secured themselves a Davis Cup quarter final with France and team GB were being interviewed on Eurosport by Annabel Croft. When asked by Croft about what kind of celebrations the gang would be getting up to for the night, Murray let it slip that Inglot has a wee girlfriend in Glasgow.

Murray said "Dom’s got a little girlfriend on the go here in Glasgow. So he’ll maybe celebrate with her this evening." and as soon as he said it the interviewer moved to confirm with a mortified Inglot who is currently in a relationship. He managed to compose himself enough to reply "You’ve actually landed me in it, you've actually landed me right in it. I’ve got a girlfriend who’s probably watching this."

Murray was then unable to control himself and broke down laughing before walking over to Inglot and embracing him in an apologetic manner. Both players saw the funny side of things along with Ms Croft who commented that they "are gonna giggle all the way to the locker room now."

Inglot later tweeted "Just to clarify, there is no girl on the side. The joke interview was just a joke. All banter with @andy_murray". Indeed, that may be part of the whole problem as Murray often struggles with his banter skills and people end up taking him seriously when he is just messing around.

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