Andy Murray in the quarter-finals of the US Open

Andy Murray made it through to the quarter-finals of the US Open yesterday evening after a comfortable straight sets victory against Donald Young.

The Scot took the American out in less than two hours to win 6-2, 6-3, 6-3, but it was only the first match of a punishing four days to come, if he wants to win his first Grand Slam. Murray will now face John Isner in the quarters today; if he wins he will face one of Andy Rodick or Rafael Nadal in the semis tomorrow. Should he win he will then have a day of rest on the Sunday, before the final on the Monday.

The tournament organisers bowed to player pressure to move the final, but Muray himself can only see future Grand Slam conflict if the players don't organise themselves.

'The players need to have more of a voice,' the Scot said. 'And the only way to do that is by starting a players' union and coming to an agreement with tournaments and the International Tennis Federation. If not, nothing will change.

'We have the Association of Tennis Professionals (who organise the rest of the non-slam Tour) and the ITF, and they don't like each other very much. There's always going to be issues with Davis Cup, the schedule, the Grand Slams, and things like what happened on Wednesday.

'At ATP tournaments we have an ATP tour manager… looking out for the players. Here we have an ATP tour manager who was in the locker room with us beforehand (on Wednesday), and he was saying, 'It's still raining out there, guys. You shouldn't go out there and play.' The referees here, it's the ITF. They want us to go out on the court.'

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