Andy Murray could be first British player to win Grand Slam since 1936

So, Scottish-born Andy Murray has suddenly become British again in the press as he’s won through to his first ever Grand Slam final at the US Open. The petulant player, who managed to disappoint everyone with a totally lacklustre display at the Olympics (and go back to being a Scot), has proved that he’d rather bring his A game to the competitions that pay the big bucks.

If the ‘Brit’ wins this one, then he’ll be the first British man to get a Grand Slam title since 1936. Which, to be honest is a pretty shabby effort all round isn’t it?

Murray beat Rafael ‘Mr Biceps’ Nadal in the semis although a little disappointingly didn’t have a shave beforehand and looked a little scruffy. Come on Andy, you’re representing Britain now.

The only thing standing in the way of glory is the relatively easy opposition of five-time winner of this tournament and the greatest player in the history of tennis ever, Roger Federer. Andy has support in all the right places though, our previous best player really believes Murray could win it, "I really think he can win it," Tim Henman told BBC Sport, with typical extravagance and trademark drama. It all kicks off at around 10pm BST and by tomorrow morning we should all find out if Andy Murray is a Brit or gone back to being Scottish again. Good luck son.

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