Andy Murray can win US Open says Wilander

Andy Murray has a great chance of winning the US Open. That’s the verdict of former champion Mats Wilander, who thinks that Murray is now in the right form to claim his first major.

Murray beat the world’s number one and two, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, to claim gold at the Olympics and Wilander believes that Ivan Lendl’s coaching is the explanation for Murray’s improvement. "My prediction is Murray winning," Wilander told The Guardian. "I'm not saying that because he won the Olympics. It's because I think that he's a different man. Lendl has helped him tremendously. He's becoming better physically all the time, he hits his forehand better, but the biggest difference is emotionally. He's more even-keeled, he's more positive, and there's not as much pressure for him at the US Open as there is at Wimbledon.”

Murray has the advantage of knowing that Rafael Nadal is out of action with his knee injury and that Djokovic and Federer have both looked vulnerable in recent tournaments, although their Olympic form might not be too significant.

Wilander thinks Murray’s mental approach is the key. "When he plays well with a good attitude, he is at least as good a player as the other top three," Wilander said. "Taking out Nadal, that might mean that he only has to beat one of Djokovic and Federer along the way, and that's going to make it easier."

Murray’s main concern in the lead-up to the US Open is a minor knee twinge. He withdrew from the Rogers Cup in Canada as a precaution, after winning his first-round match.

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