Andy Gray to sue Sky sports for £3million

Yet another twist in the Sky Sports sexism row: Andy Gray is apparently planning on suing the TV network for a whopping £3million after he was given the boot for his inappropriate office behaviour.

Gray, according to the Mirror, wants Sky to pay out the rest of his current contract, for which he is paid around £1.7million a year. Gray is particularly unhappy at how he was told he was being sacked only minutes before the company released it to the press, which will no doubt heighten the chances of an aggressive lawsuit.

Gray did however apologise for his comments and action, which seems like a bit of a waste of time, unless he’s planning on re-launching his career on another network.

‘I am very sorry that certain comments made by me have caused offence,’ he said. ‘Such comments were made off-air to work colleagues, and were of course never intended to be broadcast.

‘I was very upset when the comments were brought to my attention, and it was my intention to apologise on Monday night when I was back on air for the Bolton v Chelsea game. Sadly I was unable to do so as I was suspended from the show by Sky Sports and have now been sacked. Football is my life and I am devastated by losing the job that I love. I am equally upset that third parties have been dragged into this issue.’

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