Andrew Strauss says England must live up to the hype

England are at 69-2 at lunch in the first day of the second Test with India at Trent Bridge, and after a captivating first Test at Lord's, England will be keen to build on that score, especially with the boost their success have given to what was once seen as an ailing sport.

Should England win the series by two or more matches they will overtake India as the number one team in the world, and captain Andrew Strauss is well aware of the impact that would have on cricket.

'This feels like the main event of the summer and our responsibility as players is to make sure it lives up to that hype,' Strauss said. 'It was fantastic to see those scenes on the fifth day at Lord's.

'It's fantastic that a lot of people are talking about cricket at the moment. And for us as international cricketers it gives you that buzz and it makes you feel like what you're doing is important and somehow helping the game of cricket to flourish in the future as well. So it's a good spur for us. It shows the added interest when maybe the No1 team is at stake.'

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