Andrew Strauss guards against complacency

England completed their whitewash of India in the final Test at the Oval yesterday, and officially took the number one spot in the world rankings, after a dramatic day's cricket.

England beat India by an innings and eight runs, making their opponent's batting look totally powder puff after lunch: they took the last seven wickets for only 21 runs in 15 overs, a formidable bowling display that left no doubt as to which team is the world's best. However it wasn't until Sachin Tendulkar's wicket fell, with the batting legend at 91, that England started to motor, and at various stages of the day it looked like a draw was the most likely outcome.

Despite the crushing nature of the series victory, captain Andrew Strauss is guarding against complacency; many have said that this side can be the dominant team of a generation, and he wants to make sure that that prophecy is fulfilled.

'The greatest pitfall is feeling that we've done it all and that we're not willing to put in the hard work to continue it,' he said. 'I'd be very disappointed if our side fell into that trap. It's certainly not what we're about as a unit.

'I am still desperate to improve. We are all looking to improve. Rightly we should celebrate the fact that we've had a fantastic summer but we're always looking forward to the next challenge.

'It's fantastic to receive that mace and to be No1 in the world but we're all very conscious that it can be taken away from us very quickly. We're going to be judged by higher standards now and we need to keep pushing ourselves because there are stern challenges ahead in the subcontinent. Winning away from home is always harder. We should be competitive in our own conditions.'

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