Andrew Strauss criticises Geoffrey Boycott

England captain Andrew Strauss has criticised miserable Yorkshire curmudgeon Geoffrey Boycott, after the former England international suggested that Michael Yardy’s depression was a result of his poor cricket.

All-rounder Yardy flew home from Colombo on Thursday suffering from depression, Boycott said it might have had something to do with his poor play and his criticism of it, but Strauss hit out at Boycott, saying that he doesn’t understand depression or the situation.

‘I think they (Boycott's comments) showed a fundamental misunderstanding of the issue,’ said Strauss. ‘To link it in any way to how he has performed in the World Cup is a long way wide of the mark.

‘I think it's just a lack of information, a lack of being informed as to the situation. I don't think your cricketing ability or what you have achieved has anything to do with it whatsoever.

‘There are significant pressures, and as you get older a lot of us have kids and what not, which makes touring harder. As I said, it's important to draw attention to the fact that it's different from having a hard time being away from home and actually suffering from depression. Two very different things.’

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