Andres Villas-Boas not happy with Stoke City

Chelsea kicked off their Premier League title challenge with a tough 0-0 draw at Stoke City yesterday, a match that was by turns intriguing, rough, vicious and tense. Both sides gave as good as they got in a bear pit atmosphere at the Britannia Stadium, with hard tackles flying in and lots of men being really manly and that.

The whole affair appeared to shock new boss Andres Villas-Boas however, who complained about the way the Stoke players grabbed, jostled and generally put themselves about at set pieces. The Blues gaffer neglected to say that both sides were at it as much as the other in his post-match complaining, which shows just how well he's taken to the Premier League: it wouldn't be the best league in the world if it wasn't for the managers getting at the referee, would it?

'The amount of pushing and grabbing in the box is out of this world,' he said. 'I want to draw the referees' attention to these kind of details as they say they are going to be aware of them. Maybe they need extra help.'

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