Ancelotti quashes 'quit' speculation

Carlo Ancelotti has quashed speculation that he is set to quit as Chelsea manager. The Italian was alleged to have contacted the League Managers Association amid rumours that he isn’t in full control at Stamford Bridge.

Speaking to reporters ahead of Chelsea’s Champions League match against MSK Zilina, however, Ancelotti made it clear that the LMA contacted him rather than the other way around.

‘I don't know if it's enough to clarify my position today to close these rumours and speculation,’ the Blues manager said. ‘These rumours are totally untrue. I don't know why they came out. I didn't speak with the LMA. They called me last night when I was at home, quiet, to find out what was happening.’

The Italian continued: ‘These rumours are totally untrue. I have my contract until 2012, here, in this club. I've said a lot of times that I'd like to stay here. I love not just this club, but these players. I have a lot of confidence in these players, in this squad, so there's no reason to change my ideas. I don't know if this is enough to speak about all this.’

‘I think that when the team don't reach the right results, obviously the coach is under pressure. Obviously I am under pressure because I'd like Chelsea to win every game, but just this. I am focused on my job and to give my team, my club … to make us play better than we are at this moment. Just this.’

Chelsea have lost three out of the last four matches since Ancelotti’s assistant Ray Wilkins was fired two weeks ago, reportedly against the Italian’s wishes.

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