Alonso's Liverpool future in doubt

Xabi Alonso's Liverpool future looks to be in doubt after the midfielder chose to stay in England for the birth of his first child instead of travelling to Milan for tonight's Champions League showdown with Inter.

Alonso has always seemed like one of the most intelligent footballers around, both on and off the pitch, but his decision has not gone down well with Reds' boss Rafa Benitez.

Speaking about Alonso to The Sun, Rafa said: "He had clear ideas. He wanted to come out only if everything was OK. We couldn’t just wait and then hear no information. So in the end we had to decide."

Alonso was magnificent in Liverpool's 0-0 away draw with Juventus in 2005, which secured the Reds a spot in the Champions League Semis. But there will be no forty yard pinpoint passes on display for the pool tonight.

Instead, the fit again Javier Mascherano will be kicking the legs off anything wearing black and blue. He will be aided in this task by ex child actor Corrie Haim reprising his role in the 1986 classic Lucas. No, sorry, that should read overrated Brazilian youngster Lucas Pezzini Leiva.

It seems like a remarkable piece of hari-kari by Benitez. While Alonso has struggled to hold down a place in the Liverpool first eleven this season - although who hasn't at with Benitez's taste for rotation - he is still one of the most cultured footballers in the Premiership.

Unsurprisingly, Barcelona and Real Madrid are rumoured to be sniffing around. Both clubs have been bigging themselves up as the perfect destination for the caring and sensitive player who wishes to take a more substantial role in domestic duties.

With so many stories of footballers moonlighting as amateur porn directors and weekly tales of some young lady getting a "roasting" at the hands, well not at the hands as such, of famous Premiership footballers, it seems a tad strange that Alonso is getting told off for wanting to attend the birth of his first child. Go figure.

Liverpool 1 Paternal responsibility 0.

Some Alonso magic

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