Ally McCoist demands apology from the BBC

Rangers manager Ally McCoist has said that he will refuse to speak to anyone from the BBC until he gets an apology for an news item they aired on Friday, in which he feels he was portrayed in a bad light.

The package, which was aired in Scotland for the network's news, was asked about the violence and sectarianism which punctuate every Old Firm derby in the press conference before Rangers' opening fixture against Hearts, and the subsequent edit of his comments has enraged him, to the point where he refused to speak to anyone from BBC Radio 5 Live or BBC Scotland after their 1-1 draw. He claims that the Beeb used footage of him after answering a question unrelated to the one about religious bigotry to make it look as though he didn't care about the issue, something he says has never been the case.

'I won't speak to anyone from the BBC until I get an apology for a broadcast which went out on Friday night which, in my opinion, was appalling,' McCoist said. 'Having worked in television for a good number of years, I know exactly what went on.

'I won't be marching anyone out of press conferences but I won't speak to anyone at the BBC. I can handle left-field questions all day long, that wasn't the problem. It was how the whole interview was put across. While they asked the question they showed a shot of me when I'd just answered another question.

'The whole thing was put together to show I had a flippant attitude towards either religious bigotry or trouble between Old Firm fans. As most people know I don't have a flippant attitude towards those subjects. There was a comment (on air): 'Well, it might not bother Ally McCoist,' but it does bother Ally McCoist.'

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