Alistair Cook puts England in command – again

England are just about to step out onto the crease at Edgbaston for the third day of the Third Test of the series with India, and once again they are in complete control: yesterday they finished on 456-3, taking a humongous lead into the weekend's play, with Alastair Cook chopping his way towards a double century. At this rate it's possible that they could finish this match by lunchtime tomorrow.

Cook himself said after his knock yesterday that he was glad to finally post a big score, as he was feeling left out of the fun. Certainly a double century would make up for any perceived slackness. As it is he already has his 19th Test century – a feat in itself – but he's warning his side against complacency; if they hit a good score again today it's possible that they won't need a second innings.

'I've been a bit short of runs in this series,' he said to Test Match Special. 'I felt like I'd been missing out, letting the team down a bit.

'It's been a really good day for the team. We'd have taken that score this morning. Luckily I managed to score a few. I did a bit of work just to make sure I was getting my basics right. Sometimes you slip away from them, but I felt like I got it back today. I managed to get my mental state right so I could keep grinding on, which is important when you're in.

'We just tried to grind it out and we knew it would get easier, as it always does when bowlers get tired. [But] let's not look too far ahead. Let's not carried away. We've got to have another good day. That's our ethos as a side. It is mine and Eoin Morgan's responsibility to get on with it, and hopefully we can start again building a partnership.'

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