Ali's trainer Dundee dies at 90

Muhammad Ali’s legendary trainer Angelo Dundee has died, aged 90. Dundee was in Ali’s corner for the duration of the boxer’s career, and earned the respect and affection of everybody involved with the sport.

The trainer was born Angelo Mirena, but he and his brothers used the name Dundee for their boxing activities, to conceal their involvement in the sport from their disapproving parents.

Dundee was involved in boxing for more than six decades. In addition to Ali, he trained 15 world champions, including Sugar Ray Leonard, George Foreman, Carmen Basilio and Jose Napoles.

He first met Ali when the boxer was still known as Cassius Clay. The trainer and boxer had a three hour conversation in a Louisville hotel room, establishing a mutual respect. Dundee started working with the fighter a year later, and by 1964 Ali was world heavyweight champion. "I just put the reflexes in the right direction," was Dundee’s characteristically modest analysis of his role.

Dundee remained loyal through the years when Ali was at odds with the boxing establishment and with the USA. Ali remembered that with gratitude. "Through all those days of controversy, and the many that followed, Angelo never got involved," Ali wrote in the foreword to Dundee's book, My View From The Corner. "He let me be exactly who I wanted to be, and he was loyal. That is the reason I love Angelo."

He died a month after attending Ali’s 70th birthday party in Louisville. It was the way he wanted to go," Dundee’s son Jimmy said. "He did everything he wanted to do."

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