Alex Ferguson snubs MUTV

Alex Ferguson has clearly got the hump about being charged with improper conduct by the FA: the Manchester United boss has refused to talk to the club’s own TV station, cancelling his weekly media briefing, and denying any time to the channel.

Ferguson could face a five-match touchline ban after his comments following United’s 2-1 defeat at Chelsea, in which he claimed that Martin Atkinson shouldn’t have been at the helm. He claimed that the match demanded a ‘fair referee’, clearly suggesting that Atkinson was biased towards Chelsea. As a result of being the channel that broadcast the interview, MUTV is being snubbed by Fergie.

‘He (Ferguson) is a man who, since 1986, has been building high-performance teams and when mistakes are made he will get angry, and in the 76th minute that was a big mistake,’ said chief executive of the League Managers' Association Richard Bevan. ‘If you're going to interview managers after a game when so much is riding on these games, particularly a game of such high profile, then unfortunately you will get emotions going over.’

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