Alex Ferguson moaning again

As any football fan knows, it doesn't take much to get Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson moaning about something. Usually all you need is United to not win for his mad blinkers to descend around his eyes, and for the nation to go 'oh, for ****'s sake, not old Red Nose moaning again'.

So it was on Saturday evening, when his United side were held 1-1 at Stoke City. He went into a little hissy fit about Peter Crouch, who cancelled out Nani's 27th minute opening goal, saying that he was a persistent fouler, who was always climbing on the back of defenders. He even claimed that he got away with it because of his height, which seems a bit silly to us: it's his height which sees him having to constantly deal with long balls that he isn't capable of dealing with, and having him flapping all over the place like a Daddy Long Legs.

'He (Crouch) fouls all the time,' the United manager grizzled. 'He gets off with it because of his height but he jumps on top of defenders all the time. He has been doing that for a long time.'

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