Alex Ferguson laments Ashley Cole challenge

Alex Ferguson has plenty to be happy about at the moment: his Manchester United team are top of the league after their best start to a season since 1985, having walloped Chelsea 3-1 at Old Trafford yesterday afternoon. However, he almost had something to be very angry about, after Ashley Cole's wild lunge at Javier Hernandez in the second half.

The England international pounced to block a shot for the Mexican with the score at 3-1, and in doing so careered into his opponent with his studs up, hitting him shin high and almost breaking his leg in the process Referee Phil Dowd booked him after the fact, causing Ferguson to question why the penalty wasn't given: it's because it's in the rule book.

'The referee has booked him for it so I don't know why it wasn't a penalty,' he said. 'He's very reckless at times, Ashley Cole. He is committed, of course, but he sometimes can go over the edge a bit and that was an example. We will have to see what the damage is in the morning but his (Hernández's) leg is very numb and he could be out for a couple of weeks.'

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