Alex Ferguson is refereeing apoplectic

Alex Ferguson is clearly not a happy bunny with referees at all at the moment; over the last couple of weeks he’s already let rip at refs from home and abroad, and now he’s gone into another rant, this time at the expense of Martin Atkinson, the man in the middle during yesterday’s Chelsea v Manchester United clash.

Ferguson is very unhappy with the decision to award the free kick which led to the winning goal, scored by John Terry, who more than made up for his dad’s drug dealer revelations that morning. Ferguson claims that Darren Fletcher won the ball when he was blown up for a foul on Ashley Cole, and he would seem to have a case. Even worse for United, Didier Drogba was in a clearly offside position when Terry headed the ball, and his position meant Edwin van der Sar was very late in diving for the ball.

‘Clearly Darren Fletcher has won the ball,’ said Ferguson. ‘He's never touched Ashley Cole who just jumped up in the air, and then Drogba has pulled Brown to the ground at the goal. The referee's position to make a decision there was absolutely ridiculous. He can't see it. There was a Chelsea player standing right in front of him and he doesn't even move.

‘It was a bad decision, but what can you do? You lose faith in the refereeing sometimes. That's the way the players are talking in there. It was a bad one. That goal should not have been allowed. We've dominated the game and had great chances to win the match. And that's our fault. Some of the football we played getting up to the box, and some of the chances in and around the box, was excellent and we should have finished it off. But you do need a break. We never got the break we needed.’

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