Alex Ferguson in not moaning shock

Manchester United grabbed a well-deserved and crucial win in the Champions League last night, beating Romanian side Otelul Galati and boosting their chances of qualifying from Group C.

United have had something of a rocky start to the group stage, but two penalties from Wayne Rooney secured the win for the English champions. However, the victory was marred by the sending off of Nemanja Vidic for a dangerous second half tackle on Gabriel Giurgiu, for which he will received a one-match ban. It could be extended to two of three matches depending on Uefa's view of it.

'I can understand the referee's interpretation,' said Alex Ferguson. 'Maybe it's a bit different in Germany but I thought it was a little harsh. It was certainly a booking. I've looked at it and his foot is certainly high.

'We were the better team. We dominated possession and improved in the second half, particularly through Nani, Anderson and Rooney. Those three players changed the game. I wasn't concerned at half-time but I knew what I needed to say to the players.

'We had possession but we didn't have any penetration. We needed more of that and, in the second half, we played Rooney further up the field. That made a difference. We are pleased after drawing the first two games. That created a certain pressure but we acquired a victory tonight and we're happy with that.

'They are a very hard-working and organised team. Their coach Dorinel Munteanu should be pleased. It's not easy to chase the ball all night and they should take credit for that.'

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