Alex Ferguson denies interest in Wesley Sneijder

Alex Ferguson has denied that he and Manchester United have no interest in Internazionale midfielder Wesley Sneijder, and has dismissed any reports to the contrary.

There have been rumours all summer that the Dutchman, who has become one of the most feared midfielders in Europe since moving to the Italian giants, would be moving to Manchester, but Ferguson has said that he doesn't think Inter would sell him, even if they were interested.

'I keep reading about this, there's absolutely nothing at all to that,' he said. 'First of all I don't think Inter are prepared to sell him anyway.

'You get conjecture and you get speculation every week in newspapers unfortunately. And we have to answer these for some reason - why, I don't know, but we have to find a reason without adding insult to any particular club, or embarrassing any particular player. There's nothing we can do about it.'

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