Alex Ferguson defends Arsene Wenger

It's been something of a rough last few months for Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger; possibly the hardest in his 15-year reign at the club. Both the press and his own fans are on his back about the club's disastrous performance in the transfer window, while the rocky start to the season hasn't helped any.

However he does have some support, from a pretty unlikely quarter: Alex Ferguson, his one time nemesis. The Manchester United boss wants to know who would replace the Frenchman in the event of him leaving, and that criticism of him in both unfair and coming from hard to please football fans. It goes to show just how low Arsenal have fallen in Ferguson's eyes, if you ask us.

'I would like to know who is going to replace him,' he said. 'The work he has done in the 15 years he has been at the club is the best in Arsenal's history. Yes, he has not won a trophy for six years but what does that mean? The quality of his side has not been reduced. The competition is far greater now.

'When Arsenal and ourselves were going head-to-head, that went on for about eight years. It is a bit unfair of course, but who understands fairness and unfairness today? It is quite a cynical world. Supporters are far less easy to please than they were 20 years ago. But Arsenal answered everybody back on Wednesday. A lot of people thought they would go out. I didn't. I thought they would win it. The game on Sunday will be another stepping stone for them.'

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