Alberto Contador tests positive for banned substance

In a sport constantly dogged by drug-related controversy, it’s hardly ever entirely surprising when a cyclist tests positive for a banned substance. In fact, it would be hard to find a sport with a worse reputation than cycling, given the number of big stars who seem to be involved in chemical shenanigans.

So it’s sad to hear that yet another big cycling name has tested positive, and this time it’s Alberto Contador, three-time winner of the Tour De France – including this year’s. The Spaniard tested positive for clenbuterol – a substance that can used to treat asthma but is also used to reduce body fat – during a rest on the Tour in July. Contador’s press man said that the cyclist was made aware of the result by the Union Cycliste Internationale on 24 August and that he will be hosting a press conference at his home time of Pinto today. It should in fact be going on now.

Contador has been provisionally suspended, but he claims that he was the victim contamination. While that might sound suspect, voices in cycling have suggested that he could be the victim of sabotage, as clenbuterol is a terrible substance to use for athletic doping.

Former cyclist Joe Papp, who himself had been banned and admitted to being involved in a massive programme of doping, said on Twitter that ‘EPO is a great doping agent for cyclists. Clenbuterol is not. It produces terrible MUSCLE CRAMPS and TREMOR that would leave you considering suicide if taken during the Tour. Yes, I've tried it - there's nothing redeeming about it for cyclists, even in the off season.’ Well shall see, eh?

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