Alberto Contador pleads his innocence

Alberto Contador has pleaded his innocence from drug taking, and claims that him testing positive for a banned substance was the result of him being the victim of contaminated food.

It was revealed earlier today that the Spaniard, who is a three-time Tour De France as well as the current champion, tested positive for the muscle-building and fat burning substance clenbuterol. However not only was in it such tiny quantities that it was ‘400 times less than the benchmark measurement that anti-doping laboratories accredited by Wada must be able to detect’, admitted drug cheat Joe Papp said that clenbuterol would be a terrible drug for a cyclist to dope oneself with. Contador sounded adamant at this morning’s press conference that he was innocent.

‘The UCI itself affirmed in front of me that it was a case of food contamination,’ said Contador. ‘This is a genuine mistake, it's sad that a sport such as this...is involved in things like this.

‘I think that this will be resolved in a clear way, with the truth up front. (The UCI) understands that is a special case, which has to be examined.’

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