Alan Pardew headbutt: £100,000 fine imposed by Newcastle United

The Alan Pardew headbutt on David Meyler was the major talking point of yesterday’s Premier League football. The Newcastle manager’s side won 4-1 against Hull City at the KC Stadium but the ugly incident took all the headlines.

Pardew’s side were winning 3-1 when Meyler brushed Pardew while he was in the Newcastle United technical area. Meyler wanted to take a quick throw-in but Pardew took exception to the player’s minimal contact. Whether there was anything intentional in Mayler’s actions isn’t clear, but there was no disguising Pardew’s intentions when he pushed his head towards Meyler.

The chief executive of the LMA Richard Bevan called the incident “unacceptable and inappropriate.” He has since spoken to Pardew who told him he remains “extremely sorry” for his actions. “The buck stops with Alan,” Bevan told Sky Sports this morning. “It's unacceptable, it's inappropriate and it's insupportable from every perspective and Alan knows that.”

Pardew initially denied headbutting the Hull City player after angry words were exchanged on the touch line. After the incident, players from both teams became involved. Referee Kevin Friend finally settled things by booking Meyler and sending Pardew towards the stands after a word with the fourth official Howard Webb.

Although his showed his disgust at being sent away from the touchline, Pardew can’t complain about the referee’s response to his actions which he described as trying to get “the lad out of my way.” He later “apologised to the player and to Hull,” and said: “I haven't had too many instances of having to sit in the stands but I'm not stupid and I do expect some sort of punishment which I will have to accept. Probably some sort of fine and a ban.”

Pardew has since accepted a £100,000 fine and a formal warning from his club and sources suggest that no action will be taken against the Newcastle United manager by the FA.

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