Agent: Mascherano would swap Barca for Liverpool

Javier Mascherano's agent Walter Tamer has again been talking up the possibility of his client joining Barcelona during the summer. The Catalan club revealed last week that they are looking to add three or four players to their treble-winning squad and Tamer insists that the Liverpool midfielder could be playing at the Nou Camp next season.

Speaking to Catalan channel RAC1, Tamer said: "If a club like Barcelona wants to strengthen its squad after having won everything and having completed a brilliant season, obviously the player is going to say yes, we want to play there."

Mascherano's agent continued: "It would make Javier very proud that a club like Barcelona pay him attention after such an incredible year. I believe a transfer would be feasible."

Tamer also claims that he has spoken to Mascherano about the possible role that the midfielder would play in the Barca starting XI: "In Barcelona he would have a very easy job," the agent said. "Sometimes we talk and joke that the only thing he has to do is run, steal the ball and give it to all the stars in front of him."

Liverpool, however, have again insisted that Mascherano is not for sale at any price.

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