The AEGON tennis projects

Grass Roots

AEGON invest in tennis at grass roots level in the UK. Working with the Lawn Tennis Association, AEGON attempts to make tennis grow in popularity by targeting both schools and local communities. AEGON have a parks programme in place that offers facilities and coaching in local areas. The company also provide schools with tennis rackets, balls, kit, and equipment bags.

AEGON Masters

Another of the AEGON tennis projects, the AEGON Masters is a tennis tournament that takes place every December. Held in London's Royal Albert Hall, the AEGON Masters features players who have retired from the tennis tour, but who were world class players during their careers. The tournament also underlines AEGON's philosophy of encouraging people of all ages to play tennis and stay fit.


Britain's Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) select the most promising and best British players, who are considered worthy of support. Under the Team AEGON banner, promising players are given funding. This funding helps players from coaching to fitness and also with supplying medical care. Players in Team AEGON are given assistance with travel matters. Roehampton is the home of the National Tennis Centre, which is utilized by players in Team AEGON.

The AEGON High Performance Programme

This AEGON tennis project helps players gain access to high level facilities for training purposes. There are 20 of these High Performance Centres in all. The centres are also used by tennis clubs in the vicinity that particularly focus on assisting the development of young players, especially those under the age of 12.

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