Advert not totally rubbish shocker

Usually when people go all googly eyed at a ridiculously expensively advert, it’s an absolutely sickening process. Anyone with any sense knows that it’s not art, it’s just a fancy pants way of trying to make you think of a brand in a different way, so you spend money on it. Let’s get it straight; advertising is only useful for stopping publishing companies and websites from going completely broke, and any opinion to the contrary is a load of money-worshipping old nonsense.

However, the latest Nike advert in anticipation of the World Cup is very well-observed, and raises more than one chuckle during its three minutes. Wayne Rooney’s stint has caused the most headlines over here, but anyone who has spent any time in Italy will be cringing at the accuracy of the naff variety show, complete with dancing girls. If you haven’t seen it, check it out below, and never speak of this ungodliness again.

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