Adriano to take break from football

Troubled Brazilian striker Adriano could be set to quit Inter Milan after announcing that he is set to take a break from football. The 27-year-old announced the decision at a press conference in Rio de Janeiro yesterday.

The 'Emperor' told journalists that he isn't enjoying playing football due to the pressures put on him in Italy and could be out of the game for up to two or three months.

"I have stopped my career for a while because I have lost the joy of playing," the striker said. "It could be one, two or three months. There is big pressure in Italy. I don't want to return to Italy. I want to live in peace here in Brazil."

Inter boss Jose Mourinho pledged his support for the troubled player: "Inter have done everything to help Adriano before I arrived and with me, as a coach and human being, so have the president and his team-mates," Mourinho said. "We'll see. The important thing is that he's happy. If he's happy like this, if you lose the player but the man is happy, perfect.

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