Adrian Mutu gets a fine not be sniffed at

Whoops. Ex-Chelsea striker Adrian Mutu, who was banned for seven months following a positive drug-test for cocaine, was a little miffed when he found that FIFA wanted to make him pay £9.6 million to Chelsea in compensation for a) ruining their season, and b) being a bit of a spoilt brat.

So he did what we'd all do in these circumstances - he hired some kick-ass lawyers and asked them to get him off. A few thousand pounds and a few months later what's the outcome? Well, the lawyers got the case into FIFA's Dispute Resolution Chamber where they reconsidered. And this time told him to pay Chelsea £13.7 million

Far be it from us to say it couldn't happen to a nicer person. But we're hoping he takes the case against Chelsea forward for another appeal.

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