Adam Scott wins Masters for Australia

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Adam Scott became the first Australian to win the Masters, with a dramatic play-off victory over Argentinian Angel Cabrera at Augusta. Australia had specialised in producing Masters runners-up, with nine second places over the years, but Scott finally went one better. Argentina’s dream of a Pope and a Masters champion in the same year was not to be.

The final day provided a tense climax after some inconsistent play. Scott had missed plenty of birdie putts throughout the day, but sank one on the 18th green. Cabrera, the cool and corpulent veteran and 2009 Masters champion, responded brilliantly by hitting his approach shot to four feet, tapping in the putt and joining Scott in the play-off.

Scott’s putting was restored to its best with perfect timing as he secured the title at the second play-off hole. The Australian struggled to make sense of his achievement. "I don't know how that happened," he said. "I found my way today. There was some luck there somewhere. I found my way and it was incredible."

The triumph had extra potency in Australia where Greg Norman’s near-misses in three Masters tournaments have become part of sporting legend. Norman was quick to hail Scott’s achievement. "Everybody questioned whether he could do it," Norman tweeted. "We all knew it. The players know it. I think he'll go on and win more majors than any other Australian golfer." The Masters triumph may turn out to be a career turning point for the 32 year-old Scott.

Cabrera has been there before and he was pleased on behalf of his opponent. "It was a great putt and he is a great champion," Cabrera said. "Obviously I would have been happier if I would have won but he is a great person, a great player. We've been together on Presidents Cups and get along well. I'm happy for him."

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