Absolute rubbish

Ricky Hatton has quashed talk of him making a comeback to boxing with a fight against Oscar De La Hoya, calling it ‘absolute rubbish’.

The former world light-welterweight and welterweight champion has been out of boxing since he was soundly thrashed by Manny Pacquiao 18 months ago. Since then he has had his license suspended by the British Boxing Board of Control for apparently being caught on video taking cocaine, and has lost two-and-a-half stone since he left his rehab at the Priory in Cheshire five weeks ago.

Hatton hasn’t completely ruled out a return to the ring, however, saying only he can decide when he should retire from the fight game.

‘Oscar said he was angry over the story and I don't blame him,’ Hatton said. ‘I can say it is absolute rubbish. Nothing was ever said to me.

‘As far as a comeback goes, I am still of the opinion I had 18 months ago. I have no ambition to come back.Even if I did, at this moment in time I am banned by the British Boxing Board of Control so I am unable to make a decision whether I want to fight or not.

‘Although I feel the board was correct in punishing me, hopefully in time they will offer my licence back and I will be free to make a decision on my future. After all I have done in boxing, I have the right to retire Ricky Hatton and nobody else.

‘People are talking about a comeback because they see me healthy. They look at all that weight I have lost in five weeks and think he must be fighting. It is just because of the advice from people like Samir Kiami (his nutritionist) and the exceptional products I have been taking that I look so well.’

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