A word about Crouchie

Peter Crouch is the only England player from this week's shambles who can look England fans in the eye and truthfully say, ‘I played alright’.

No one questions the other players’ commitment. It was obvious for all to see. Take Wayne Bridge – he was so juiced by the occasion that neither of his feet, nor his hands, would do what he told them. He couldn’t even throw the ball in to one of our players, let along pass it to them. Micah Richards was so fired up the adrenaline affected his vision and he couldn’t spot opposition runs that were as telegraphed as a Jim Davidson gag. Ditto Joleon Lescott.

Frank Lampard was so excited to be back in the fold – and keen not to make a mistake – that he made sure he was never available and didn’t make a single tackle all game. Gerrard, not wanting to make Lampard look bad, did the same.

But Peter Crouch, the man often maligned simply because of his height, played well. His finish was sublime especially when compared to Wright-Philips’ poor first-half effort, and Bent’s snatched chance towards the end. And he held the ball up brilliantly (in a woeful system).

Well done, Peter. As for Scott Carson, he should have gone to Specsavers.

(Image: from stoneflower’s flickr stream)

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