A united city?

Earlier we reported on Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson ramping up the tension before the Manchester derby this evening, mocking City for not acting with any class. Now United fans have given reason for Manchester City to think they are the ones without class, after a well-known City fans’ pub was vandalised.

As you can see in the video below, United fans daubed various taunts on the Mary D’s bar in the city, including ‘Our City’, ’34 years’ and ‘Manchester is Red’. They also scribbled nasty slurs against former City player Marc-Vivien Foe, who died on the pitch while playing for Cameroon in 2003.

‘The mother-in-law and the manager were at the premises but they didn't hear anything,' said landlord and City fan Mike Kehoe. 'I started getting a load of phone calls at seven this morning telling me the pub had been vandalised.

‘I think you expect a bit of banter but this is over the top. You don't mind the taunts about how long it is since City won a trophy because that's fact and we can't change that but the stuff about Foe is not nice. That's a guy who lost his life on the pitch.’

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