A taste for winning

Dripping with sweat, the three Gladiators stand, transfixed on what is before them. For the next hour they will face their most testing trial yet and only one person will leave victorious. They draw their weapons – a whisk, a wooden spoon, a frying pan – the games are about to begin – who will be the next Masterchef?

Okay – so that’s all a bit over the top – but with Grossman gone, the Masterchef competition has gone decidedly high-octane. This is now sport, not food.

These cooks have gone from leisurely folding cake mix to whipping cream as if it were a Grand National winner. We reckon cooking is the newest dish on our sporting menu. Shouting, striding around between dishes and furiously beating eggs – the chefs need to have the skill, stamina and ego of a Premiership footballer. And they should now take tips not from grandma’s secret recipe, but from marathon winners.
So here’s some advice on how they can win over three courses:
• rest up the night before and have an early dinner packed full of carbs for energy on the big day – we recommend gnocchi with pumpkin, buffalo ricotta & pesto.
• make sure you warm up - the vegetables are the only things you want to be straining.
• Ensure you don’t go all out on your starter, leaving you with no energy for dessert. It’s a marathon not a sprint…

(Image: from pocketwiley’s flickr stream)

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