A return to terracing?

Fans of Premier League and Championship football will be heartened by the news that the football authorities and the UK government are considering reintroducing terracing into football stadiums.

The discussion, which come more than two decades after Lord Justice Taylor recommend that terracing be outlawed, took place on Monday between the sports minister Hugh Robertson, The Football Supporters’ Federation, football authorities, police and the Football Licensing Authority. Robertson said he would look at the case for safe standing, such as you see in German football grounds, paying particular attention to whether it would be safe, whether it could be built into current stadiums, and most of all whether there would be enough demand for it.

‘I am very pleased we brought all parties together for the first time to discuss the issue,’ said Liberal Democrat sports spokesman Don Foster. ‘Real fans are paying high ticket prices and losing out, and I am confident safe standing can be introduced which meets all the minister's concerns. We will be gathering the required evidence, and fans must now make their voices heard.’

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