A nation triumphant as Andy Murray wins Wimbledon

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A nation is rejoicing as Andy Murray was crowned Wimbledon champion yesterday. He defeated Novak Djokovic in straight sets, 6-4, 7-5, 6-4 in a grueling match that lasted over 3 hours to lay the ghost of Fred Perry to rest and finally give the Wimbledon crowds and British sporting history a sweet moment of redemption. After 77 years a British player won the most prestigious trophy in tennis.

The game started with two immediate breaks of serve. Long, powerful rallies set the tone for the meeting of two baseline specialists, but from the first, Djokovic seemed ever so slightly off his game. Making far more unforced errors than usual, the Serb struggled, and one began to sense that Murray’s relentless defence and his ability to keep sending the ball back over the net rattled Djokovic. His game never quite settled and he began to play outside his comfort zone, coming into the net far more than usual with limited success. As Murray served for the match, he went from 40-0 up to breakpoint down in 5 extraordinary points and the momentum felt like it might be slipping away.

But his mental toughness, perhaps due in part to the implacable nature of his coach, Ivan Lendl finally came of age here, and he closed the door on the Serb in style.

Immediately after the match, he seemed to pass into the glow of spellbound shock : "It feels slightly different to last year. Last year was one of the toughest moments of my career, so to manage to win the tournament today...

"It was an unbelievably tough match, so many long games."

He took to Twitter immediately after the match "Can't believe what's just happened!!!!!!!"

Djokovic, who has known Murray since the age of 11 was very gracious in defeat. "The bottom line [is] he was the better player in decisive moments," the Serb said. "He was getting some incredible points on the stretch, running down the drop shots all over the court. He played fantastic tennis, no question. I believed I could come back but it wasn't my day."

With plaudits pouring in from the world of sport, the Prime Minister, and the Queen – with Murray being hotly tipped for a knighthood - with his manager predicting an epic windfall of earnings, and with a nation ecstatic, these are heady days indeed for the young Scot. Congratulations

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