A moral footballer?

The modern day football fan is used to the idea that football players now pretty much only ever play for the money, and are all, without question, a bunch of classless boozehounds who do nothing but wave the supporters’ cash back in their faces before trying it on with their girlfriends. All apart from one, shining example of morality, that is.

Yes, United States and AC Milan defender Oguchi Onyewu has shown that he’s actually all right, all things considered, after he renegotiated his contract with the Italian club so that he will play a whole season for free. Since signing for Milan from Standard Liege last summer he has spent a whole season sidelined by a knee injury, and he negotiated a one-year extension to his three-year contract that made it clear he didn’t want to be paid for his final year. Isn’t that sweet?

‘Onyewu - who has been out for virtually the whole season due to injury, but who at this time is getting ready to face the World Cup adventure in South Africa with his national team - has become a star today with a significant gesture from a personal and professional standpoint,’ said an official club statement. ‘Onyewu has requested and obtained a contract extension from June 30, 2012 until June 30, 2013.

‘With respect to that year, as was his wish, which has been appreciated by the club, Onyewu has asked not to receive any type of wages. This is an exemplary gesture that deserves our sincere congratulations.’

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