A loser and a liar

Wladimir Klitschko has stepped up the war of words between himself and David Haye, calling him a ‘loser’ and a ‘liar’, as well as some naughty words, after Haye announced that he would retire when he turned 31 in October.

The pair have been spitting insults at each other for the best part of two years now, with neither one seemingly ready to sign on the dotted line, and now Klitschko has scoffed at what he sees as Haye’s reluctance to fight him, as well as his apparent insistence at retiring in October.

The real sticking point appears to be Klitschko demanding that he fight Dereck Chisora before he takes on Haye, which will stop the pair from fighting on Haye’s preferred date of 2 July. That would mean, assuming that his promise to retire is kept, that there would be no unification bout. But Klitschko is unconvinced.

‘I don't take David Haye as a super-special fight,' said the Ukrainian. 'I don't need a half a year to prepare for this fight. I'm always in shape anyway. Me fighting Chisora first is good promotion for the fight with David Haye because the guy is also British and very loud. It's perfect to help promote the big fight.

‘He could give Chagaev step-aside money and then I'm going to be there with nobody to fight. Because of our history before, I would fight him on 2 July and we would work on the contract, but I would fight Chisora first and make sure I fight.

‘There have a been a lot of lies from David Haye and (his trainer) Adam Booth. We found a date, 2 July, to fight him, but I don't trust these guys any more.

‘He's telling everyone: ‘I'm going to retire by the end of the year and I will have my legacy.’ He's going to have a legacy for the Audley Harrison fight – the most exciting heavyweight fight in history.

‘He has no legacy whatsoever. He has this terrible disease and he has to retire? What bullsh*t is that? This is total nonsense. He is playing the media. He will not retire because he's a liar, liar, liar. From the beginning to the end, he's a loser liar. That's the truth about this man.

‘David Haye is a piece of sh*t. He has accomplished nothing in the heavyweight division other than to present himself with his stupid T-shirt and comments. This guy will eventually fight me. He will eventually fight me because everything coming out of his mouth is a lie. But if he does retire, he'll be a loser with no legacy in the heavyweight division at all.’

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