A lack of respect

Yesterday we reported on José Mourinho revealing that he was hours away from becoming England manager, after Steve McClaren was sacked back in 2007. Well it seems that McClaren’s eventual replacement, Fabio Capello, wasn’t very happy about Mourinho’s revelations.

Mourinho and Capello have never had the best of relationships, and the Italian can’t have been happy about the timing of Mourinho’s interview, which was with French football daily L’Equipe; Capello has been under fire since England’s poor display in the World Cup, and news that the Special One could have been England boss will have many fans wondering what might have been. However Capello believes it lacks respect to speak of other teams, and got very agitated when asked.

‘I don't know,’ he said. ‘This is a question for the chairman that chose me, not for me. It does not matter. Absolutely not. Every time a club or a national team decides to choose a manager, they decide to speak with a lot of managers. It's normal. This is not different.

‘I don't like to speak about my relationship with other clubs or teams out of respect for other managers. I don't like to speak about this. I've said enough.’

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