A glum night for Tottenham

Fans of Tottenham Hotpsur had plenty of cause to gloat after Arsenal’s appalling whipping in Barcelona a few weeks back, while they cruised through to the semi-finals of the Champions League. Well now this morning they’re going to be getting it back in spades after an embarrassing walloping at the hands of Real Madrid which all but seals their exit from the competition.

Spurs were drubbed 4-0 by Madrid, in what can only be described as a nightmare performance, and had Peter Crouch sent off in the process. Now they have to win 5-0 at White Hart Lane to go through, and face an uphill battle to qualify for the tournament next year: they currently stand in fifth place, sixth points behind fourth place Chelsea. A bad night all round, as Harry Redknapp admitted.

‘You need a miracle to play here with 10 men,’ Redknapp said. ‘Better teams than us would have struggled. It was an uphill task, an impossible task. I was disappointed, obviously. That was all we needed to go down to 10 men so early in the game. I haven't spoken to Peter. He's lunged in for the second one and it's cost us dearly. He already had a yellow card and he shouldn't have taken the chance. Madrid have quality players and you need to have 11 players to have any chance to get a result here. It's obvious.

‘It going to be difficult. It certainly couldn't be much more difficult than to be 4-0 down to Real Madrid but we're at home and we'll give it a go. It's not over until it's over ... you never know but obviously, we've got a mountain to climb.’

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