A disgrace

Celtic beat Rangers in what the press have dubbed ‘an ill-tempered Scottish Cup replay’ last night, but the football didn’t make the headlines, rather the conduct of the players, managers and fans, who decided that a good old fashioned scrap was what was called for.

Strathclyde police arrested 34 people inside Parkhead, as three Rangers players were sent off and Ally McCoist and Neil Lennon got involved in a touchline tussle. There was also more aggro in the tunnel at the end of the game. Oh, and Celtic won 1-0. However the police have branded everyone’s behaviour disgraceful and asked if future games could be played behind closed doors.

‘What happens on the pitch is replicated throughout the streets, the pubs and the clubs and the houses within Scotland,’ said Les Gray, chairman of the Scottish Police Federation. ‘The behaviour of all those involved last night was nothing short of disgraceful.

‘Something needs to happen, I'm realistic enough to know that they'll probably never stop it but we need to have a serious look at it. It may well be that they'll have to look at playing the game behind closed doors for two or three times just to see how it goes because people may say it's a great advert for football, a great advert for Scottish football, that wasn't much of an advert last night.’

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